Party Political Conferences in 2013

With UK politics firmly fixed on a global outlook over the past few weeks due to the Syrian Vote and the G20 summit, the looming party conference season seems to have been overlooked. Starting with the Lid Dem conference in Glasgow on the 14th September, followed by Labour in Brighton, and then the Conservatives in […]

Division, Division, Division

Neil Kinnock once said ‘In politics, division carries the death penalty’, he was talking about the certain electoral failure of a party that is engaged in a battle as much on the home front as it is on the General Election battleground. Over the past 12 months we have seen many public disagreements in the […]

Direct Democracy and the UK; The MP Recall

Plans for a ‘MP Recall System’ should provide greater accountability between elections and empower constituents but many have argued the system laid out by the government would achieve neither of these. Currently MPs can only be removed from their seat between elections if they are convicted of a crime which results in a prison sentence […]

Belgium and the failure of consociational democracy

For many centuries the European continent was ravaged by blood-spattered wars of conquest and violent disagreements between territories but in the modern era of European military peace the scars of these wars are prevalent in countless European countries. From the animosity between ‘native Latvians’ and Poles in Vilnius to the long standing quarrelling and tension […]

Electoral Bias and the 2015 UK General Election

It’s a well stated electoral stat the in order for the conservatives to get a majority of 20 seats in the ‘House of Commons’ they need to secure a 13% lead over Labour. Yet to secure the same amount of seats Labour only needs a 4% lead over the Tories. The 2005 General Election was […]