What is wrong with the Scottish Independence debate

The debates coming up between Darling and Salmond inspire very few people. Many will feel a sense of frustration that it has endured for so long, the best description of the referendum is that of an episode of newsnight which lasted for two years. According to TNS 53% believe they have not been given sufficient […]

We should mock British Jihadis

Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent was one of the most referenced novels in the few weeks in the media after 9/11. It remains the most prevalent work of literature concerning terrorism. In recent times as British jihadis have gone to fight for the restoration of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria it seems relevant. Literature […]

Body count and Israel-Palestine conflict

Innumerable references have been made to the fatality imbalance in the recent outburst of violence in Gaza. With this many photos have been posted on all forms of social media of wounded or dead Palestinians, normally children. More on this later, but the most telling things about this was the fact that Jon Snow among […]

Why are Conservative free market ideas so hard to sell?

In spite of the recent crisis of capitalism, the left are unprosperous. Hollande’s approach in France, which still backs austerity just in different ways, has shown us that there is no real alternative approach. The left right divide of the last century has been unable to revive itself in the worst crisis since the Great […]

Debating in State Schools

In a recent article in the Guardian, Barbara Ellen laments plans to introduce debating into state schools and indulges in some revolting inverse snobbery as well as missing the point and benefits of debating at the same time. Her article bought into the idea circulating at the moment as to the deficit in confidence in […]