Championing Sanctions: the Iran-West Negotiations

In the autumn of 2013 I sat down in a museum café in London with an Israeli official to discuss a report I was working on for my then employers. This was at a critical moment of international diplomacy; Iran and the West were negotiating for the removal of sanctions, in return for Iranian concessions […]

In Defence of a Liberal Interventionist

In the past years there has been a renewed speculation over the benefits of a legitimate military intervention during a protracted internal conflict, such as the UNSC resolution in March 2011 that established a no-fly zone over Libya whilst also legitimizing limited military intervention. More recently, after the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta in August […]

Veto for your thoughts: the painful nature of Security Council reform

Have we been here before? In terms of international security, is anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu? Foreign Minister Sergei Lazrov has announced that there will be no new talks in Geneva unless pro-Russian separatists are involved – anyone who has followed the multiple attempts to defuse the Syrian Civil War knows that […]