Emotional Abuse – A Stonger System to Tackle the Problem?

Emotional abuse during a child’s stages of development can leave them socially stunted and unable to get on with the world around them in teenage and adult life. It is perfectly reasonable and responsible of any government to introduce laws to improve existing powers to protect children from emotional abuse. I, like many others, am […]

The digital generation will be single forever

The creation of the internet has born a new age of communication. It has revolutionised the way we connect to the world around us. Nothing in the history of mankind has globally affected the human race on this scale. We are now more capable than ever to connect, share, create and display anything we choose. […]

Emotional social mobility – a new area in the study of social mobility

Social mobility is essentially difficult to define. This issue draws large consensus, including the Government’s view, in defining social mobility as an “individual’s ability to progress in terms of socio-economic status within their lifetime”. I firmly believe that education can be a driving factor in an individual’s climb of the social mobility ladder. My concern […]

Parental responsibility: State vs. Parent

Recently, I was informed of a child protection case from conflicting angles. Both arguments from the father and the local authority fall within the agreed rights of a child and uphold the paramount importance of the child’s needs and interests. The background to this case involves a father who left his family home after the […]

Will we ever learn? Child protection in England and Wales

The UK’s disturbing history of child protection can be described as nothing more than tragic and scandalous. Since 1944 it is guaranteed that you will only ever hear of, or see in the media, social work when there has been a fatality in the most tragic and dire circumstances. The timeline spanning nearly 70 years, […]