The UK’s Indian Ocean Territory in the Spotlight… Again

The British Indian Ocean Territory, otherwise known as the Chagos Islands or the Chagos Archipelagos was in the spotlight today, as it featured on the front cover of The Independent. Most people will know of the Chagos Islands because of the presence of a US military base on one of the islands, Diego Garcia. This […]

Why Cyprus should unite now more than ever

According to the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, the case for a united Cyprus is stronger now more than ever. Apparently, a Cyprus reunification deal would be worth 20 billion Euros, which would provide serious relief for the recession-ridden island. A UN-brokered reunification deal may well raise per capita incomes by 12,000 Euros, expand the size […]

Something New for Politics?

(You can read about Something New on their website: ) Over the last couple of months, dramatic events have taken place that will change the face of British politics for a very long time. The Scottish Independence Referendum, Douglas Carswell’s defection and re-election as UKIP’s first elected MP and the beginning of the debate […]