Palestine is not ready for a state

I, like most people, believe that Palestine needs a state of its own. However where I differ to some is that I admit there are problems with the Palestinian resistance which is actively stopping the Palestinian state from existing. While Hamas play a role in the Palestinian fight for freedom it is clear that the Palestinian state cannot exist. For a state to emerge it cannot be born into war and in the hands of a terrorist organisation whose constitution doesn’t merely argue for a Palestinian state but for an Islamic state and the destruction of Israel itself. The Charter even argues there can be no peaceful solution but of course it is the blood thirsty state of Israel that wages war.

However this is what many expect Israel to do, to hand over a lot of land to a group who would merely add to the list of dangerous and anti-democratic regimes in the region which we all agree already number too many. This would not bring freedom to the Palestinian people – it would merely prolong their suffering under an organisation whose only interests are for their own power and self-promotion.  A Palestinian state built upon a democratic foundation is the only path which can possibly work, and unlike in 2006 where elections were a one-time event, structures need to be put in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Many people not only on the left, but in the world, have denounced Israel’s bombing of Gaza. With the deaths of over 1,900 civilians and the targets including schools and hospitals people have been outraged, even the United Nations have argued Israel could have committed war crimes. However I have yet to find anyone who opposes what Israel has done to come up with a credible solution to the problem of Hamas and the disarmament of this particularly nasty group. The problems that the possibility of a Palestinian state face is not primarily of Israel but of Hamas. When people hear that Israel have bombed hospitals or schools then they are rightfully angry, however the fact is that Hamas uses civilian bases for their military operations. Even The Guardian which is hardly a bastion of pro-Israeli sentiment have admitted that three weapons caches have been found in UN schools which were put there by Hamas. What is Israel to do? Allow rockets to be fired on them indiscriminately? Or use a targeted campaign warning citizens before shelling with maps of where to go for safe passage.  This is the only responsible way for Israel to protect their citizens and to try and protect the people of Gaza, when the opposition use ambulances, hospitals and schools to store, transport and even fire weapons it is difficult not to use military means in civilian areas.

Hamas were elected to Gaza in 2006; this election was a one-time event since the people of Hamas are not too keen on opposition, which was shown when in 2009 they decided to throw opposition members of Fatah off rooftops. This group which calls for ‘freedom’ brutalizes its own citizenry by pursuing any opposition to their policies which also includes throwing people off buildings.  According to human rights watch the rap sheet for Hamas is ever growing, firing rockets deliberately at civilians, arbitrary arrests, detentions, shootings, extra judicial executions of civilians by Hamas security forces, torture and maiming’s by shooting.  Indeed the Foreign Press Association expressed outrage at the intimidation of journalists by Hamas during this latest crisis which means we must question many of the reports coming from Gaza.