Israel is the real ‘Rogue State’

Israel has always been a state of crass contradictions and the darkest of ironies, deceptions and euphemisms. Take the birth of the country for instance, which came just three years after the Holocaust. As part of Plan Dalet, the Zionist leadership adopted a policy to ethnically cleanse the land they sought for a Jewish state of its native Arab population. The ‘defense forces,’ the Hagana, Stern Gang and Irgun, which would later form the Israeli Defence Force, used mass arrests, expulsions, occupation of villages and outright massacres in order to achieve this. So soon after the Holocaust, the disturbing hypocrisy of this was lost on all, it seems. Even the notion of a Jewish homeland seems paradoxical, given that Judaism dictates Jews must wait for the coming of the promised Messiah until they can return to the homeland, Eretz Israel. In essence, Zionism created an exclusive nationalist country, with much less foundation in and adherence to Jewish tradition than the world has been lead to believe. The purported narrative spun by the Jewish state and supported by ‘the West’ has deceived many since its inception, allowing it to act with impunity. It has evaded the truth in justice, and denied its Arab victims the justice of the truth.

Let’s take three infamous massacres for example; Deir Yassin, Sabra and Chatila in Lebanon and Jenin, each bearing similarly wicked aspects to the other. Deir Yassin, a placid pastoral village, was cleansed as part of Plan Dalet, despite the non-aggression pact it held with the Hagana. The Hagana maneuvered themselves around this very easily by sending in the troops of the Irgun and Stern Gang, the result leaving between a hundred and three hundred civilians dead (the number is disputed), with women raped and thirty babies among the slaughtered. Viewing all Palestinian villages as military bases, David Ben-Gurion, the Zionist leader and first president of Israel, triumphed this as fighting terrorist infrastructure and in order to scare other villages in to abandoning their homes.

The Sabra and Chatila massacres ensued from a scheme concocted by the then Defence Minister Ariel Sharon, who sought to eliminate the Palestinian guerrilla movement and the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Israel invaded the Lebanese capital Beirut, where the PLO was based, killing 14,000 Palestinians and Lebanese, the overwhelming majority civilians. Sharon’s forces bombed and shelled the city using cluster bombs supplied by America and phosphorous shells, as well as cutting off supplies of water, food and electricity. Syrian and Palestinian forces were evacuated from the city at the behest of Sharon, who then deployed Christian Phalangist militias. These militias were sent into the two Palestinian refugee camps by senior military commanders, despite the previous deportation of all ‘militants;’ the Phalangists slaughtered women, children and elderly in an attack lasting forty hours and ‘disappeared’ scores of prisoners.

And finally Jenin. Sharon, now Prime Minister, stated euphemistically that he aimed to ‘smash the infrastructure of terror’ in the West Bank, although journalist John Pilger’s assertion that his actual intention ‘was to mark indelibly the perimeters of his apartheid state and its colony’ seems far more likely. The Prime Minister knew very well that a pretext for an invasion into the West Bank and Jenin was required, such as a suicide bombing, something that was noted in a plan viewed by the Blair government. Fully aware of the consequences, Israeli agents assassinated Mahmud Abu Hunud, the leader of Hamas, and two weeks later came the suicide attacks inside Israel. The Jenin invasion soon followed. With F-16 fighter planes, fifty tanks, helicopter gunships and armoured bulldozers, 54 people were killed, hundreds wounded and four thousand homes demolished, often regardless of whether occupants were inside or not. Pilger recalls in his book Freedom Next Time that ‘ every day for a week, the F-16s had fired an average of 250 missiles against less than one square mile of shacks housing fifteen thousand people, half of them children.’ Despite the condemnation of the UN council for Human Rights, no action was taken against Israel.

Aside from the wickedness of these acts of cleansing, the characteristics of Israeli actions mentioned in the first sentence run through all of them. In Deir Yassin, the Jewish forces acted out of concern at the ‘demographic balance’, a phrase that would not seem out-of-place in Nazi Germany or coming from the mouth of Ratko Mladic. Although retrospectively approved by Ben-Gurion, the Zionist leadership declared to the world that the massacre had been the work of ‘dissidents,’ despite being fully in line with the aims of Plan Dalet. One of those was future Prime Minister Menachem Begin,who as head of the Stern Gang promoted the idea cooperation with the Nazis in 1941 and as Prime Minister in 1982 referred to Palestinians as ‘two legged beasts.’ In Shabra and Chatila, Sharon duped the world into believing the massacres were really about so-called terrorism, and not a return to times like 1948, when Zionist forces attacked villages to subdue the Arab population through murder and fear. Osama Bin Laden would later admit in interview with journalist Robert Fisk that his inspiration for 9/11 was Sharon’s siege of Beirut. Perhaps Jenin offers some of the darkest ironies, again Pilger noting that ‘Israel is the undisputed world champion violator international law- an international law founded as a consequence of the Jewish Holocaust.’ Enough said?

Israel reels out euphemistic rhetoric at every turn. The greatest of all must be ‘terrorist infrastructure.’ This phrase can be viewed in two ways; first as a way of merely justifying the collective punishments and the ethnic cleansing meted out against its Arab foes; or secondly as the crudest of factitious acknowledgements of reality, that terrorism flourishes in poverty. Israeli blockades of Gaza have meant that only the most basic food and medical supplies are allowed in; Palestinians are incarcerated in an open air prison, strangers in their home country, living in poverty; like Apartheid South Africa, they need permits to leave their ghettos and camps, to live where they wish, and permission to marry and live with whom they wish. With its vast array of rhetoric to offset its violence, Israel been able to carry its own ethnic cleansing in this small corner of the Middle East under a cloak of impunity, like Apartheid South Africa and Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbia, speaking of ethnic purity and demographic balance, like Nazi Germany.

Western politicians seem have taken the Huckleberry Finn view, that conscience ‘takes up more room than all the rest of a person’s insides, and yet ain’t no good, nohow,’ so have ignored their conscience, discarded it when it comes to Israel. Just imagine if they had looked to their conscience, they may well have seen through Israel’s great contradictions.

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  1. Ben Kelly says:

    Shockingly one sided. A real spiteful and uncompromising article that refuses to countenance the other side of the argument.