Can we trust Sarkozy?

In an unprecedented arrest on an ex-president, Sarkozy is being charged with corruption during his 2007 campaign, due to allegedly being funded by Gaddafi. The Libyan military ruler for over 4 decades, Colonel Gaddafi may have used this generous donation to win favours with the French government. It has come to light since the 2011 civil war, that corruption was rife within Libya so corruption may have funded the corruption of the Sarkozy state.

Whilst Sarkozy is in custody and being questioned by the judge about the charges, he has told the press that he feels that this is politically motivated since he is interested in re-running for the next presidential election in 2017 as head of the UMP.
Since he is the first ex-president to ever been questioned in the Court of Appeal it leads to question how realistic the allegations are and what effect if it were true would it have had on the presidency from 2007-2012. If true then this could have affected his foreign affairs but also the impact of the civil war in Libya. If found guilty he could be charged with up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 500,000 Euros which is pretty cheap if his future political career wouldn’t also be sacrificed along with it.

During the legal proceedings and investigations it has been found that Sarkozy is apparently guilty of bribing magistrate Mr Azibert with a prestigious role in Monaco in order to gain information about the developments in the High Court of Appeal- he’s been accused of quite literally being corrupt during his corruption charges. Even though this exchange of information is illegal but less harmful than the potential influence on the judge for decisions in Sarkozy’s favour.

Yet all this information that is being brought to light has been discovered through tapping into Sarkozy’s phone and he has taken to using a burner phone which is still not given him a secure line to his lawyer and colleagues. As we have seen in the legal proceedings surrounding phone hacking in the UK this evidence can be admissible and is highly contested. The lawyer of Sarkozy’s lawyer told the BBC that he has not found any damning information in the dossier that would justify finding Sarkozy, his lawyer and Mr Azibert as guilty.

But let us imagine for a second that these are allegations are true. A president of a western country used dirty money in order to keep in power from a state that oversaw its independence, sounds like an episode of Scandal. How could a president in the 21st century where information is at the click of a button, there’s a 24 hour news cycle and phone tapping, get away with doing dirty deals with quite essentially, the devil?

We can only wonder what our leaders get up to when the world is not looking. They could be dealing with the devil more often than we know and without the spying and phone tapping we would be non-the-wiser. Though I do not condone these invasions of privacy, do our leaders have that right when they job is in the interest of the public.

Then again if we were to find out that Sarkozy is innocent, it may still have damaged his chances for re-election in 2017 since the idea that he could possibly be associated with Gaddafi or corrupt a judge but we can only wait for the verdict. Maybe the 2017 election will be between a cheater and the corrupt. Seulement le temps va dire.