The working class can kiss my a**e. I’ve got the foreman’s job at last!

It has come to my attention that most people have taken a different view point from my initial reaction when reading the now infamous article, particularly when the Daily Mail called Ralph Miliband’s legacy ‘evil’.  Many seem to have gone down the press regulation route – point very much taken. However, my own initial reaction, and one of which is perhaps a more micro-analysis, was that this paper is misleading its own readers, and is ironically a product of exactly the premise upon which Marxism exists and that Ralph Miliband advocated.

Am I not wrong in thinking that Daily Mail readers are for the most part the people whose voice Mr Miliband Senior was channelling? It is difficult to imagine an empirically reliable description of  the quintessential Daily Mail reader off the top of my head, so I hope you won’t mind the crude analysis that follows. When thinking of the archetypal Daily Mail reader, what comes to my mind is a reader who’s too posh for The Sun but not quite posh enough for The Telegraph – in old fashion terms that may mean the middle class which is now a huge segment to which we all belong to in some way or another – “what, the squeezed middle?!” I hear you say!

Yes! There are people out there working very hard and very long hours, and are up to their eyeballs in debt. And prices are rising. One must wonder if they ever question why they are doing it and who for. Where is all their hard earned money is going?

It is absolutely abhorrent that the Mail should imply that Ralph Miliband’s opinions as a Marxist were evil – they associate atrocities that occurred under Russian socialist dictatorships during the Cold War with Marxism and use it as ammunition against its own readership to blind them against the true message that they, you, me, us, in Ralph Miliband’s eyes, are the exploited.

The owners of the Daily Mail own the means of production and their readers are the exploited consumers. To brainwash its readers against their own cause is not that different to state dictatorship, although thankfully on this occasion, it is not the whole population that submits.

So when the Mail is so rightfully scorned upon by those on the left for its spiteful tone and nimby-esque ways, we should realise that its editors really do know how to whip up a storm and it is a job they do spectacularly well. In hard times there is no better way to pacify one’s own misfortune than to blame others in rages of spite and jealousy- much like children squabbling over a prized possession. Anything that prevents people from realising their true oppression and the bigger picture risks putting a whole system in to disrepute. This is a system that is balanced on the backs of people whose power is potentially greater than the few who accentuate their own interests, in this case by printing misleading articles. This is born from a fear that their own readers should vote for a man whose father held beliefs that were in their own interest, which is not in the interest of the owners of the Daily Mail. It is upon this theoretical presumption that Mr Ralph Miliband rallied his views and upon which the Mail called evil.