Global Warming: Can’t we just ignore it a bit longer?

Honest politicians and human induced global warming both share a common factor; up until recently many people doubted either of their existences. However, scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have agreed to 95% certainty that the latter is actually real. I for one must have been the only person who heard this news and thought; thanks for confirming the factuality of facts scientists, sterling work! However, I am part of a smaller subset of the general population that doesn’t need to be spoon-fed information or warned about the dangers of recreationally drinking anti-freeze. In all seriousness, to think in this day and age that human activity cannot effect our environment, is insulting. We have a worldwide population of over 7 billion, give credit where credit is due.

It would only take half the population of China to sneeze simultaneously for the earth to spin out of orbit. Probably! Why is it then we have to be told the same thing over and over again producing only a limited response. Politicians lie, the media lies, statements ranging from sunspots to Zionist conspiracies clutter the healthy discussion upon global warming. Though instead of discussing how best to address this worldwide problem the debate is still being dragged down by global warming naysayers. One promising statistical result produced from the IPCC’s report is that 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming is, on the majority human attributed, leaving 3% of climate scientists yet to be convinced. I’m sure this number would have been higher if the IPCC had allowed more time for these crackpots to figure out how to print off their internet purchased degrees.

Why would anyone lie or deny global warming? It will cost money, lots of money, more pretend money than the government has. It’s expensive to not destroy the world when you trying to make Nike Air trainers for half a penny or run the national grid without burning fossilised dinosaur plants. It’s also nice how it is, isn’t it? Why change now, who really cares about children 100 years into the future who will have to paddle to school in canoes? And who cares about the future of the ice caps? They’re all cold and dirty anyway. Which points this discussion towards an old Greek proverb: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”. And if that hasn’t rustled your benevolent jimmies imagine if they invent cyborg immortality, you’ll be sat right there in that canoe 100 years from now cursing the CO2 with your robo-fist. What I’m trying to say is that we are not very good at making long term plans. Though we have no fixed governmental term of office like the USA, our government remains fleeting, and climate control plans put in place may be thrown out of the window after the next election. This being said, the government has to listen to us to a certain degree. This is a democracy, and if we cared they would have to appear to as well.

At what point are we really going to start caring, or are we just waiting for a surprise attack to catch global warming off guard? Thus far, we have just spat in the ocean and that’s just not going to help rising sea levels. One argument of course is that the scientist have only just confirmed global warming, so how can one expect radical action toward a concept that until now was of myth and legend? However, this just isn’t true. Preceding the pretty unanimous 2013 report that we are all polar bear killing, ice gap melting monsters, we were already privy to this knowledge. This report takes the findings of hundreds of pre-existing papers on global warming and combines the results, thus producing this 95% certainty. Prior to this ground breaking study anyone could have sat down in a library or in front of their home PC and read any of these hundreds of climate change reports and come to the same conclusion. Instead it would seem the prevailing opinion was: “too much text did not read – LOL”. Which is really sad, as it confirms once again that we as people will not accept the truth unless someone takes it, converts it into a handy three page leaflet with colourful pictures and a coupon for Pizza Express.

Ignorance can be forgiven as naivety when global warming is still a relatively new concept. There is still time to rectify this sticky situation before rising sea levels claim Norwich to Davy Jones Locker, but yet again we have to widen our scope of caring. One recurrent theme that appears in the IPCC’s summary for policy makers, is that this has to be a worldwide effort. Recovery will not work without the participation of every nation. This being said I am thoroughly excited to see how they solve world peace first.

2 responses to “Global Warming: Can’t we just ignore it a bit longer?”

  1. Mark Conway says:

    Just a response to your piece of earlier today. Which I enjoyed reading even if I don’t share your conclusions.

    I have sent an email to your ‘contribute’ address.



    • Elliot Stockill says:

      Dont get me wrong Im all for the discussion of this subject. My writing style can seem partisan at times, but at the very least the other side of this debate is vital by keeping studies and actions transparent,. Though I strongly believe that we as humans create a much larger impact on our ecosystem than what is generally accepted.