The Daily Mail hates Britain

The Daily Mail might have finally gone too far. In the recent articles about Ralph Miliband, by attacking a dead man and making judgements about him from a diary which he wrote when he was 17, was beyond contemptuous and this is being shown in the reaction from the public and other media. The man who they claimed ‘hated Britain’ fought for this country in the navy during the Second World War. He was fighting fascism while the owner of the Daily Mail at the time supported the Blackshirts led by Mosley and gave support to Hitler up until 1939. The Daily Mail failed to distinguish between critiquing aspects of our society and despising ones country. All of this has led to a backlash never quite seen before towards the Daily Mail. The public and the rest of the media have been in uproar over this. I, like many, believe the Daily Mail has the right to print what it wants and encourage the press to be free from restraint. A free press is one of the most important components of a free society. However, I despise the Daily Mail and not just due to this article. I hope this article will help bring about the demise of such an ugly paper.

We all know the Daily Mail’s motif. It is the go to publication if you want a bit of racism, homophobia and scare stories about subjects ranging from drugs to the sexualisation of children. They encourage the very worst in our society, with examples ranging from a gloating article on Stephen Gately’s death, using a tragedy to propagate the view that civil partnerships were bad, to misrepresenting scientific data on the use of drugs. Indeed it is the Daily Mail who despises Britain in its current form today. The Mail seems to prize the nuclear family more than anything. It upsets them that the growing liberalization in the country has led to more widespread cohabitation, less women being baby making machines, as in the good old days, and that two people of the same gender are now able to wed. They dislike the fact that our government will support people who want to come here and make a better life. They froth at the mouth when they hear the word ‘dole’ and ‘unemployed’. The Daily Mail in many ways seems to be stuck in its fascist loving past, with the exception of course where freedom of the press is concerned.

I hope now this article will expose the 2 million readers of the Daily Mail to what they actually read and financially support by either buying the paper or visiting the website. They support an institution which will twist and bend any fact to suit their agenda. They will gloat over tragedy, harass and pass judgement on normal citizens who want a better life. The Daily Mail hates everything this country has become, from multiculturalism to trying to support the poor to get a job. It is time to finally boycott this homophobic, Islamophobic, poor hating, race baiting excuse of a newspaper.