Why I will never vote for a Conservative Party led by David Cameron

The Conservative Party used to be about the promotion of a small state, low taxes and wealth creation but most of all the Conservative Party used to be a party that let ordinary men and women of this country live their lives how they wished as long as it was within the confines of the law.

Where has this party gone? If this was a proper Conservative Party led by a proper Conservative leader who believed and did conservative things then he would have rolled back the state, cut taxes and done away with so many of the laws that contributed towards Labours ‘nanny state.’ Instead all we’ve got is higher taxes, deeper and deeper EU integration, more wind farms and a false promise that immigration is being cut.

Lets look at each of these policy issues in turn:

1. Taxation: Where are the tax cuts? All I see is that taxes are going up year on year and this shouldn’t be happening under a Conservative government. Yes we are in a recession but if people are being taxed more and more where is the incentive to spend. What will get the economy moving again? Admittedly the last set of growth figures are promising but 0.6% is hardly setting the world on fire is it. We need huge tax cuts across the board which will put money directly into peoples pockets and encourage people to spend again. Alongside this the poorest people in society should be taken out of tax altogether. It is grossly unfair that people who are already struggling immensely then have to give more money away to the state. This would give the poorest in society a huge boost and would also lead to further spending within the economy.

2. Europe: It has become fairly evident that David Cameron is keen for the UK to remain a part of the EU and if he can renegotiate our relationship with the EU on our terms then maybe this would be the best option. However, I believe this to be a hugely unlikely outcome and do not forget this was the Conservative leader who three line whipped his own party to prevent a referendum bill being passed in 2011 and is also the Conservative leader who wishes the EU to spread to the Urals and beyond. He isn’t this great eurosceptic figure as the Conservatives would have you believe he has been forced to adopt this position by UKIP who have been unrelenting in their pressure upon the Conservatives on the EU issue since 2010.

3. Wind Farms: Personally I think wind farms are not only ugly but are a waste of time. Of course environmentalists will disagree with me but the science behind them is disputed heavily. I am not an expert on the science behind wind energy  so I will refer you to this website on wind farms for anyone who wishes to read about the effects of wind farms in more depth: https://www.wind-watch.org/.

However I do know that they are a blight on our countryside and that Cameron should most certainly not be pursuing to damage our countryside even further by allowing more wind farms to be built. A couple of weeks ago the government announced that any new wind farms had to be approved in a referendum by the local population surrounding the newly proposed wind farm site. However, as is often the case with this government they have now made a u-turn and gone back on that promise enabling wind turbines to be built without the permission of the locals. This is another nail in the coffin for localism and another clear example of the Tories reluctance to offer the people of this country a say in local matters that directly effect their lives.

4. Immigration: To the cosy, rich elite in Westminster immigration has been a tremendous success but go into cities such as Bradford and Birmingham and you may leave with a different opinion. Certainly, immigration has benefited this country in a number of ways and it has produced a diverse, eclectic mix of cultures but there has to be a limit. Current immigration levels are simply unsustainable and fortunately the argument has moved on from which under the previous Labour government was purely about race and the colour of your skin with anyone opposing immigration being called a racist. Now people understand the pressure that large scale immigration is placing upon our public services and realise that it is now purely a practical argument to make and is not based on race whatsoever unless you are a member of the BNP.

This government has talked tough on immigration and claimed to have cut immigration by a third since being in office. However figures obtained by Public Administration Select Committee show that the Conservatives are not really dealing with immigration and that any claims that they have cut immigration by a third are false and have no substance whatsoever. The Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee, Bernard Jenkins stated that: ‘Most people would be astonished to learn that there is no attempt to count people as they enter or leave the UK.’ in  a quote obtained by the Daily Mail. This clearly shows that the immigration issue is not really being taken seriously by Cameron and this therefore is yet another reason why I simply could never vote for a Conservative party led by this man.

Im sure this list of Conservative policy failings could go on and on but I think the main problem is that David Cameron isn’t really a Conservative at all but instead he is a social democrat just like Clegg and Miliband. Now i’m sure Cameron will dispute this point and in doing so state that he can’t do the Conservative things he wants to do because he is in a coalition with the Lib Dems but as alluded to earlier I don’t think there is really much difference between the two. Cameron for me is a phony Conservative who does not truly believe in conservative principles but instead wholeheartedly is a member of the liberal political establishment and whilst the Conservatives have a leader like this I simply cannot vote for them.

One response to “Why I will never vote for a Conservative Party led by David Cameron”

  1. Rob Ridley says:

    Mr Cameron is sitting between a rock and a hard place. Taxation is a non-issue to those rich enough to firewall themselves against it. The powerful elements within the Conservatives want out of Europe as they believe it is in their interests to leave. Vested interests will not want any state intervention around wind farms or any other venture that will make a private profit. Immigration will be left alone as long as private interests can financially benefit from it. 

    At face value Mr Cameron is indeed a form of social democrat compared to the powerful groups and individuals that form or support the Conservative party. He was the means to get the Tories back in power because he was sellable to a shrunken UK electorate, just. He is riding a tiger that will consume him or remove him. The next step will be a move not just to the political right but more in the interests of those I have alluded to above. Perhaps nothing too radical at first but the emboldened Tories will do this.

    Now is the time for an emboldened political opposition to use the time up to the next election to prevent the Tory party from becoming the next government.  Equally now is the time to prevent powerful self interests from further ruining all our lives. Mr Cameron must struggle to keep a lid on the pressures building within his party as they must conflict with his public role. If the electorate is made politically aware then commonsense will prevail and there will be no Tory government led by Mr Cameron or his replacement.